Ice Cream, Ice Cream. Who Wants Ice Cream?

Ice cream. 

Who doesn’t like it? Today, we talked about how we might like to get some ice cream during the latter part of this year. There’s an ice cream vending machine just outside school with some easy, cheap ice cream: about 120-150 yen.
Today, we asked the question:

What would it be like if we went and got ice cream 1/2 of all of the Fridays left until the end of the year?

  • Students figured out how many Fridays are left (10 not including the final Friday). They then halved the number (5).
  • They then figured out how much it would cost them if ice cream costs about 140 yen. Altogether, it was 700 yen until the end of the year.
  • They figured out how much it would cost the class each time and then how much we would spend as a entire class over the course of those 5 Fridays.
  • They figured out what time we should go get the ice cream if we went 40 minutes before PE.
  • Finally, they looked up how many calories might be in an ice cream pop…A few found the actual ice cream. Some estimated. They figured about 90-200 calories, depending on the type.

The final question was this:

  • Is it healthy to eat 1 ice cream pop/cone 5 Fridays until the end of the year?

Our current unit is about Who We Are, and one of the things we are examining is our responsibility to keep healthy. How does ice cream fit into this? When is it ok? When is it too much?

Students and parents, have a discussion. What do you think? Please post your comments here. Looking forward to more discussion.



9 thoughts on “Ice Cream, Ice Cream. Who Wants Ice Cream?

  1. If I was the kids I’d want ice cream every Friday but as health and cost is on agenda too I’m impressed they looked at only having it half of the Fridays. Well done 4B and I vote yes!

  2. I say yes!! That’s awesome! As long as they stick to their plan (which I’m sure the kids are of course responsible enough to) then it sure wouldnt be a problem, besides you all deserve it for your consistent hard work 🙂

  3. It looks that all children spent a lot of time figuring out the ice cream plan. I agree and love seeing their smile. I wonder how long does it take to burn about 90-200 calories for example walking.

  4. Great idea to learn math practically. Ok for icecream, hope kids dont catch cold as because of the fluctuating weather.

  5. If you think about nutrition, ice cream is not healthy, but it is good for your feeling, it makes you happy, if once every week, the children’s can be enjoying when the ice cream day come.

  6. Happy to see the children growing up and becoming great thinkers.
    Hope we get some nice warm days when you have your ice cream!

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