Exploring Who We Are

IMG_6444Students have been digging into Who We Are and how people change and develop. As part of our inquiry, we are acting as social scientists and observing human behavior. On Wednesday, students interviewed their 2nd grade buddies about how and what they play, how they solve conflicts and about favorites. Today, students got a chance to interview their 9th grade buddies.

They discovered that the 9th graders remember growing a lot in Middle School. For some of them, it happened fast. The 4th graders also understood that some of the 9th graders play some sports at recess but many just hang out and talk. They don’t play on monkey bars at parks or play with Barbies anymore. Some of the boys liked girls but didn’t have girlfriends. Many of the girls didn’t seem to care about boys. They like being on their phone.

DSCN13084th graders found out that 9th graders are starting to think about the future. The teenagers are also ok with their parents and realize how much their parents have done for them (see, it’s coming parents!) The 9th graders like being teenagers and the freedom it brings them.

Next week, we begin more observations of students from ELC-grade 12 on the playground. We’ll sit and observe what they play and how they play, hopefully working on our powers of observation, and learning something about how we change.

One thought on “Exploring Who We Are

  1. Dear 4B, It seems like you learned a lot about growing up from your Gr9 buddies. I wonder what further questions you have now that you have talked to your buddies. What do you still want to know about relating to who you are? Ms. Catasti

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