Reflecting on How We Change

How do we change? As students continue their inquiry into how people’s bodies change and how this affects mental and physical states, they observed ELC and HS this week. Students acted as scientists, with their fine observation glasses on. Sitting on the side, students watched the ELC kids at play. They noticed things about how they played, how they interacted with each other and how they solved problems. 4B then did the same thing with the high school students during their break time. What a difference!

Here’s an ELC playtime video:

Observing the ELC from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Here are some of 4B’s reflections: 

Joshua: I think that the little kids were younger than us so they were more wild and crazy and Karthik got his in the head with a frisbee and I did too. Karthik and I interviewed some of the kids.The ELC kids were  more active than the HS kids cause the HS kids just played basketball or volleyball.

Mai: We asked some questions to ELC and high school.

This is about ELC. They were playing with bouncy balls, throwing small balls in the hoop, throwing frisbees. Some kids were throwing and hitting the balls and frisbees at each other. They were mostly boys that were doing that. Most of the girls were bouncing on the balls or throwing the balls into the hoop. I tried to ask a question to one of the girls, but they ran away. I tried again but she ran away. I asked one of the girls what they like to play. She said she likes Elsa, which I don’t know what they do with Elsa. She likes to play with her friends. I asked other kids, and they said they like to ride on scooters, bounce on bouncy balls. They solve problems by telling the teacher or they would shouting and cry. If they are fighting with who gets the toy, they fight until someone gets it or until the teacher comes and solves it for them. I learned that the ELC kids were very active and violent.

This is about about high school. They were quiet. When they came to our classroom, and I think they were nervous. I asked questions like, is school boring? Is friendship hard in high school? What do you do at home? Most of the kids said usually school is fun, friendship is harder in high school, they do homework at home. I wonder why high school kids are quiet. We watched the high school kids play at recess. They were shouting,(not like when they were talking to us) and they were playing basket ball, foursquare, volleyball, something like soccer and other games. None of them were playing on the bars. They didn’t have so much problems. They were having fun.

Jungsu: When ELC has a problem, teachers are solving it. And boys like to play with frisbees. They are noisy and they like to play alone. They are really different from high school students. The ELC boys didn’t let me interview. I think they were really crazy.

HS was much more quiet. ELC played with frisbees, but HS played Basketball, Soccer, and Four Square. They solved problem themselves, not teachers. And girls played volleyball.

Aya: We went to observe ELC and HS students to watch them play. For ELC, they were crazy. They played with bouncy balls and basketballs. They solved problems by telling the teacher what to do and fighting with frisbees. They talked with small sentences, for example “I like basketball” or “I like to play mommy.” Some girls liked to play Elsa or house. Some boys liked to do football.

However, high schoolers played basketball, volleyball, and sometimes soccer. The only problem was that they sometimes goofed around. They laughed a lot but they were not as noisy as the ELC. I think HS are quiet because they are older and  because they are older than us, they are calm. HS mostly hang around and talk. They didn’t play tag a lot but they played 4 squares. At this age, the high schoolers use phones or think about their future.

I think ELC is so different from HS because ELC always run around like crazy but is calm and they play basketball.

Oscar: I think that because the little kids were younger than us, they were crazier. Some of the kids would run around shouting and doing more. Some would bounce up and down on bouncy balls while others would throw dodgeballs into hoops. I tried to interview my sister, but she ran away the first time, then she answered questions the second time. They would solve problems by shouting, screaming and telling the teacher. The teachers were trying to solve the problems and it must have been hard. They would throw frisbees and my sister wanted me to throw the frisbee and she would go get it. They were very crazy at times. I think that lots of people would say they were crazy and I agree a bit.

I think that the High schoolers were very quiet. They seemed to answer quietly and compared to the little kids they were very very quiet. Only one out of four or five of them had a girlfriend. I think that they looked very nervous answering our questions. Compared to the little kids I think that they needed to play outside. If they were only by themselves then they would be more active if they had a basketball or volleyball. I think that they were much more quiet then when I see the play outside.

I think that I learned that the little kids are very active and the bigger kids when they are by themselves are much more quiet.

Alicia: The ELC were playing with frisbees and some balls and there were some people crying. They said to the teacher, and I thought  they have to tell the teacher to solve the problem. They looked very very fun. When we talked to them some people just ignored and some people were listening. It was very fun I felt like I want to go back to ELC again.

An: ELC were very active. They were noisy and they were just all over the place. Some people were running, some people are throwing things and some are bouncing all around the place. They solve problems by telling the teacher and if they don’t go to the teacher they start to fight and argue. And they cry a lot. When I asked them what they liked to play they said they liked to bounce, throw balls and frisbees, basketball, football and they also like to ride on the scooter.

On the other hand, the high schoolers were very calm and they seemed organized. And they  don’t really argue or fight and they don’t have any problem with each other. And they play basketball, soccer, volleyball, four squares and they talk. We also interviewed the 9th graders. They were responsible because they said that they solve problems by talking and they get along with their siblings. And most of the 9th graders said that they changed during middle school.

Daniil: ELC ones were really crazy!!!!! They raced so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to dodge them. They played with coloured toys like balls,bouncing balls and frisbees. They chatted and they were really noisy.

The  HS ones played sport games like basketball and they hopped, jumped but they weren’t so crazy as ELC ones. They’re putting their backpacks in one heap and they had lunch on their own. I noticed that one of them threw a bottle into the basket.

Karthik: I think that ELC was so crazy and had a lot of energy. I think that because they are smaller than us and they don’t know a lot of stuff, and they are still learning. We observed that they played with easier stuff like the basketball hoops where hoola hoops stuck to the the wall, or the frisbee was made out of foam. I think that the  teachers are really creative to make real cool stuff out of what they have. I tried interviewing some kids but they all ran away. At last I got a kid to interview. She said she really liked ELC. On the other hand, the 9th graders were quiet and I think they were really dull and didn’t do anything. The 9th graders were playing more ball sports then running sports and fun stuff. I learned that people’s mind and body systems change and they become more and more mature.

Mitsuki: ELC was crazy. They were very noisy and they were very active. They were playing with balls, frisbees, and bouncy balls. Some were complaining, screaming, fighting or going to the teacher to solve problems. They also cried a lot. When I asked what they like to play, some ignored or ran away. But when I asked other ELC kids and they said they like to throw frisbees and balls, ride the scooter, play basketball, soccer, families and more. They had lots of energy and I was surprised by it.

On the other hand, HS were calm and organized. They didn’t argue or fight, and they didn’t go to the teacher to complain. When we interviewed them they didn’t run. They just listened to the question and answered calmly and quietly. When I asked how they solved problems most of them said getting advice from others, which is completely opposite of ELC. HS people said they liked playing four square, basketball, volleyball, soccer and more. They also like to talk a lot. The HS who had siblings said that they didn’t fight a lot. Also when I asked them when they changed, they said mostly in MS.

Anish: This past week, we observed ELC and HS playing. When we observed ELC students they were super insane!!!!!! When I was observing students, a girl shouted at me and she took my clipboard and whacked my private part! When I was observing HS they were super calm they were just playing four 4square and basketball and stuff.

Eileen: When I saw ELC play they were really crazy. They couldn’t share so they went to the teacher and said that he/she was stealing her/his toy and when someone steals the toy they were using their cry and get another to hit them. But the MS and HS didn’t fight. When someone threw or kicked a ball away they didn’t fight on who would get the ball. They played together and some of them just talked. They didn’t play tag or any running game but they played Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Foursquare. The HS and MS were more calm than ELC. The ELC had Frisbees, Bouncey balls and soft balls. There were hoops at the top so they could throw the soft balls into the hoops. HS and MS had Basket balls to play with, they had Volleyballs to play with and a soccer ball.

Khadija: When we went to ELC I saw kids were running away. They were playing with balls and frisbees. They were shouting and screaming. We saw HS girls were playing volleyball and boys were playing basketball and they were playing foursquare too.

Ken:  When we went to ELC there was a lot of kids throwing balls at each other and some kids solved problems by hitting each other, cry or told the teacher. Some of the kids went to the  teacher and said that he/she was stealing her/his toy.

They were running and half of the kids were out of control. Some of the kids were running around, shouting and going crazy. Some kids were throwing things and some were bouncing all around the place. They were so noisy and they were so active moving and running without controlling. Others would throw dodgeballs into hoops and scoring goals, they were throwing frisbees and three frisbees hit me on my shoulder. ELC kids were very active and sometimes violent. High schoolers were very quiet. They seemed to answer quietly and compared to the little kids, they were very very quiet.Only one out of five or six of them had a girlfriend/boyfriend the others didn’t have any girlfriend/boyfriend. Most of the kids said usually school is fun, friendship is harder in high school, they do homework at home and the homework is harder in high school. They use computers at home and a lot of computer games. Their favourite things to do in recess was foursquare. I learned that the little kids were more active even if they’re alone, but when the bigger kids are by themselves, they are much more quiet than the little kids.

I wonder why high school kids are quiet? I think they are shy or scared of speaking.

Colin: The kids were SOOO Crazy that I got hit by the ball 23 times.  The kids were out of control.  The boys always fight and the girls chases girls and some girls were slapping each other with  balls and frisbees and a big bouncey.


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