Reflections on Loser

9780060540746_p0_v1_s260x420Today we finished reading our read aloud titled Loser, by Jerry Spinelli. It’s about a boy who grows up and struggles to find his place in the world. However, he’s also a really happy kid who is funny. What did everyone think?

  • What rating would you give the book (1-5 stars). What makes you say that?
  • Zinkoff has been in elementary school just like you. What are some connections you made with him or with the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story? What makes you say that?
  • What did you find challenging in the story?
Khadija I would give the book 4 stars because I think they didn’t have good ending but it was great story. I think they should have a good ending.
Mai I would give the book 4 stars because it was a nice story, but I didn’t really like the ending. I think the book should have a better ending.I liked the part when Zinkoff’s hat was taken from the fourth grade kid and that kid, because he was happy, and he wasn’t like other kids, complaining.

I had times when kids took my things, but I was not like Zinkoff. I would have tried to get it back or tell the teacher.

The challenging part of the story is to understand that he is always positive and he is not noticing that he is teased.

Alicia I will give this book 5 stars because Zinkoff was funny and weird. The connection is that I have a younger brother. My favorite part was the last part because he got chose in a group. That Zinkoff did not really get along with people.
Josh I would give this book 5 stars cause I think it is funny and I think that Zinkoff is so clumsy and that makes me laugh.
Oscar I would give this book 4 stars because I think that they should have a better ending. I liked the part where the 4th grade boy took his hat and then Zinkoff let him have the hat. Then the 4th grader stepped on it and Zinkoff waited for him to step on it again. I liked it because Zinkoff was being silly and  that he thought the 4th grader had it. I think that the most challenging thing for Zinkoff was going through school is not getting teased. One thing that I connected with was going through the snow and getting so cold he couldn’t feel his hands. I connect to that because I had my feet so cold I couldn’t feel them and it was so hot that I was burned.
Aya I would give the book 5 stars because I liked the part where that Zinkoff was different from other people and he is funny. I liked the part where a 4th grader took Zinkoff’s hat from his head. Then he stepped on it but ZInkoff didn’t mind. He took his hat again and and gave it to the 4th grade boy. I think I liked that place because it is funny and interesting. I think something that I connected to the book was when I go to school early because I like to go to school so if the light goes to green, I will run through. The most challenging thing for Zinkoff is that he is dumb from other people’s view so it is hard for him to make friends.
Anish I would give this 4 stars because I think the author should make a better ending. I like this book because first Zinkoff the funny boy he was teased for 6 years in school because he was not good at writing and when he was going to run at the sports day then he did not even run.But it is getting better and better and after nobody is teasing him. I am going to recommend this to my parents because this is is very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniil I would give it 3 stars because I like something adventurous. I love winter too. My favourite was that he seeked for Claudia, because I guessed would he find her or not.
Jungsu I would give 4 stars because Loser was good but ending wasn’t really good.I was a bad runner like Zinkoff. When I race with my friend, I almost always lose.

My favorite part is when Zinkoff search for Claudia because it was like a detective.

The challenge of this is make friend and other kids don’t call him loser.

Karthik I would rate this book 4 stars. I would have given 5 stars if the ending was more fun and interesting at the end. When I was in 2nd grade and started this school, lots of people were whispering to there friends that I was faster then them at running and they were jealous of me but after some time they got used to me and became my friends. My favorite part of the story  was when he got picked to for a team. I think that because he got picked at last and I felt happy. I didn’t understand the part why zinkoff didn’t give up fast.
Ken I would RATE this book as 4 stars because it is funny but the ENDING was kind of boring so like they can make the ending better. I liked the part when Zinkoff was vomiting.
An ⅗ stars because it was good but I liked the other books that Mrs.Blum read better. I kind of don’t understand Loser that much. It is not that same but when someone steals my things or something I just ignore them so then it is not fun for the mean person and they just give it back. My favorite parts are when Zinkoff is always happy even though it isn’t a happy moment.
Mitsuki I would give the book 3 stars because I liked it and it was good, but I liked the others like Wonder, Boys without Names, Mrs. Frisbey and the Rats of Nimh. The point of view kept on changing and it was a little bit confusing. One  thing I was connected to Zinkoff is that I love sports day and school. The favorite part of the book Loser, was when Zinkoff went to look for Claudia because he was nice and kept on saying, “ Piece of cake.”
Eileen I would rate this book ⅗  because I liked how Zinkoff stood up when he was bullied by a fifth grader. I liked Wonder the most then Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, Jack and Jill story, Loser, and then Boys Without Names.
COLIN I would rate this wraerereraesr sorry it was zink off I will rate 8/10 really epic.

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