Salad Time

A new post from Anish, Karthik and Joshua

On May 7th we harvested our vegetables from our garden.

After we harvested, we sent an email to ourselves or our parents to remind us to bring cutlery for eating.

The next day we washed the vegetables and we asked Josh to cut the vegetables because he had a knife. We had fun eating salad, and best of all Ms. Blum made mixed berry smoothy and it was really yummy.

We interviewed Oscar and this is what he said.

KV: What do you think about the salad experience
Os: I thought it was fun and it was nice to have salad because I don’t really eat salad.

KV: What vegetables did you like the most?
Os: Carrots

KV: How did you help to make the Salad.
OS: I got fruit which helped everyone I guess.

KV:Did you grow any of the vegetables
OS: no

These are the pictures of us having fun making salad.


One thought on “Salad Time

  1. I am wondering whether you think there is any difference intaste between shop brought salad and home grown salad?

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