Dear Teachers and Admin: PYP Exhibition

Dear teachers and admin:

It’s that time of year for many PYP schools out there. Exhibition. I have just a few words to say right now to all of you, to my colleagues, my admin. and all of yours.

This is an incredible time of year for 5th graders involved in the Exhibition. It’s an all-consuming, passionate, energizing, exhilarating, crazy, and challenging time for these 10-11 year-olds. They will go through a lot of brain energy, testing their organizational skills, their research skills, their critical thinking skills, oral presentation skills… It’s exhausting.

They will come out on the other side more mature kids: self-confident and ready to meet the challenges of Middle School.

But it’s a long process, and we are all busy during this time–very busy inquiring in-depth and keeping it all together–so please respect that. Do not ask us to do additional things. Respect the time we have. Think about all of this when you schedule external tests, sports day, art shows, assemblies, etc…

We don’t have a lot of brain energy and stamina left to focus on other things. As for balance, let us have time to play. That’s it. Exhibition and play.

Thank you for your understanding.

~From your serious Exhibition inquirers in 5th grade


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