About Me

meI am currently a PYP coordinator in Mumbai, India. I have worked as a primary teacher in Turkey, Japan and in Bangladesh. In Yokohama Japan I also was a literacy coordinator. I’ve been teaching overseas for ten years, and before that taught in the U.S. I have a daughter who is growing up too quickly and a husband who is my partner, a tech geek, who teaches MYP/DP Math.

While teaching overseas, I’ve become inspired by inquiry teaching and am most comfortable in a setting where inquiry is at the heart of a school. My students and I explore together, and I think I can say that I learn just as much from them as they do from me, and together we learn from the world.

I believe that every student is different and aspire to reach everyone in my teaching. I believe that children should play and think and follow their learning. Children need the freedom to explore and inquire and when asked the right, thoughtful questions, they are able to dig incredibly deep.

I am a storyteller, and many of my blog posts lean that way. You can find my posts on this site or on Inquire Within where I frequently blog or on Sharing PYP Practice, who have picked up some posts. I studied writing stories when I was six and grew up to write for several newspapers in California and then on to complete a MFA in Creative Writing. Literacy is one of my passions, and I share my love of books and writing with my students.

I am inspired to keep students interested in the world around them and in giving kids the nudge they need to take action themselves. I love all things outdoors and find peace there and in yoga, meditation and hanging out in gardens with good friends.

Find me on Twitter @namastececi


6 thoughts on “About Me

    • Kassandra:

      Hi! Thanks! Not sure to which article you are referring. The one “A long math inquiry..” was just published on the Sharing Practice site.

      Let me know.

      Thanks for checking out the blog!


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