Stop, Pause, Inquire

Just recently, I’ve had to stop and pause in our mad rush to get everything done: the rush to bring the students up to speed in their conceptual math understanding; to read with passion, to engage in our calming, writers’ workshop flow and to kick off our new unit. But stop and pause…There’s some authentic […]

Inspiring Our Kids

Happy New Year! We’re back at school and fully charging ahead. As part of our unit, How We Express Ourselves, where we are looking at how the media influences thinking and behavior, our students are going to run campaigns. We’re starting to think about how they can use media to change the world, or at […]

Learning to Give

At the end of the year, we’re caught up in reports, portfolios and in my case, finding a job for next year. It’s all been a bit overwhelming. So, instead of planning more work for my kids, making sure all is on track academically, and stressing myself out more, I decided to detour just a […]

What a Nice Friday Surprise!

We came in this morning, and on the table were small packages for every girl with a box of chocolates (in honor of White Day). On the board was left the cryptic message “From the Boys of 5B.” Of course, many of the boys seemed to have no knowledge of the chocolates, so the mystery […]

Think Global, Act Local

Today we watched a video about a man who goes overboard in his zeal to help others. It’s a funny video but with a good message. During the Exhibition, students are to be thinking globally, but acting locally. How does your big idea relate to something in Japan? In Yokohama? How can you act on […]

Disturbing Photos about Plastic in the Oceans

As an example today about how to add videos to the blog and about finding out something interesting about our Exhibition topics, I found this. It’s disturbing, but it’s a real problem. During Exhibition, we might find out some things like this. Share with others. Ask opinions. What do you think? // MIDWAY a Message […]