Inspiring Our Kids

Happy New Year! We’re back at school and fully charging ahead. As part of our unit, How We Express Ourselves, where we are looking at how the media influences thinking and behavior, our students are going to run campaigns. We’re starting to think about how they can use media to change the world, or at […]

Learning to Give

At the end of the year, we’re caught up in reports, portfolios and in my case, finding a job for next year. It’s all been a bit overwhelming. So, instead of planning more work for my kids, making sure all is on track academically, and stressing myself out more, I decided to detour just a […]

Student Choice

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about student choice and giving students even more responsibility. I thought I did a pretty good job. We inquire, and students often choose their inquiries and how they show their understanding. But is this enough? Recently, I spent some time in a 1st grade classroom, run by a great […]

Free Time in School

Today in our class meeting, I had no plans and asked students if they had anything they wanted to share. After a funny conversation about how to teleport to Japanese class, one of my students brought up the very serious issue of free time. It started with a whine: The other class gets free time […]

Teapot Project: Take 2, Part 1

Several years ago, we began a teapot project. Created in collaboration with teachers from China and YIS in Japan, the idea took off and has been running the last several years. The teapot has traveled from Japan to the US to Indonesia and then back to the US. What it involves is willing teachers, upper […]