Salad Time

A new post from Anish, Karthik and Joshua On May 7th we harvested our vegetables from our garden. After we harvested, we sent an email to ourselves or our parents to remind us to bring cutlery for eating. The next day we washed the vegetables and we asked Josh to cut the vegetables because he […]

Reflections on Loser

Today we finished reading our read aloud titled Loser, by Jerry Spinelli. It’s about a boy who grows up and struggles to find his place in the world. However, he’s also a really happy kid who is funny. What did everyone think? What rating would you give the book (1-5 stars). What makes you say that? […]

Reflecting on How We Change

How do we change? As students continue their inquiry into how people’s bodies change and how this affects mental and physical states, they observed ELC and HS this week. Students acted as scientists, with their fine observation glasses on. Sitting on the side, students watched the ELC kids at play. They noticed things about how […]