Exhibition is Complete!

With a fantastic flourish through a parent evening and student and community day, Exhibition 2014 has finished. Students did an amazing and confident job expressing what they have learned in so many ways. If you look at the photos, you realize how engaged the students were and how confidently they shared what they learned. To […]

Tomorrow is Exhibition

Tomorrow is the big night, and Friday is the big day. Students are ready to show you their learnings from their Exhibition research. Everything is looking good, and students seem confident and ready to go. Remember tomorrow, Thursday, April 24th, students should be at the auditorium at 6:15 p.m. Make sure to have eaten dinner […]

Dressing Up is Fun

In our lead-up to Exhibition, we’ve been dressing up in different colors and now even different people. Theo surprised us all this morning and set us rolling with laughter. Tomorrow is non-matching day and Wednesday is pajama day. Time to celebrate the long Exhibition journey!

The Exhibition Journey is Almost Finished

We’re almost there. Next Thursday evening, we will all be standing in front of parents and teachers, celebrating what we’ve learned. Over this last week, everyone has been finishing up their creative displays and working hard on their speeches. Everyone has taken on the risk of standing up in front of their class and telling […]

Our day in 5B

Just a bit of our day today in 5B. Construction has begun on the students’ teapot boxes after doing some very calculated measurements and scaling. Cardboard and paint everywhere. We also had some more Hawaiian tea, followed by cupcakes for Haikal’s birthday. Exhibition continues with more work on speeches. We settled into some more of […]

What Makes a Good Speech?

What makes a good speech? For home learning and Exhibition this week, let’s look at what makes a good speech. On the Exhibition presentation day and evening, you’ll be presenting what you have learned throughout this Exhibition journey. It’s your chance to show off, express yourself. Remember, our theme is: How We Express Ourselves So, […]

Student-Led Conferences

Today parents and students had some great conversations about Exhibition during our student-led conferences. Students shared their Exhibition learning map with their parents along with their notes, essay and everything they’ve learned so far. They were confident, and parents asked them questions to further their learning. There was a buzz of different languages from Swedish […]

Amazing Research Site

Just found this, so it might be a bit too late for us with Exhibition. However, if anyone is still lacking research or wants to do more or for future reference, check it out. It’s a comprehensive site that points to everything needed to research: from graphic organizers, to search times and sites to check […]

Exhibition: Week 5

Wow, it’s Week 5 of the Exhibition, and everyone has been working so hard. Students have moved out into the community, interviewing and visiting local sites. They’ve been digging through information online and in books and reflecting on all of this thinking in blog posts. Remember, it’s easiest to look at 5B at the top […]