Newsela and Home Learning

Newsela…What is it? We started News Circles last week instead of Literature Circles. Using a site called Newsela, students meet in groups to discuss the news article. They choose an article on Thursday and read the article for the following Tuesday. In addition, they come up with questions to ask their group, find vocabulary and […]

What Makes a Good Speech?

What makes a good speech? For home learning and Exhibition this week, let’s look at what makes a good speech. On the Exhibition presentation day and evening, you’ll be presenting what you have learned throughout this Exhibition journey. It’s your chance to show off, express yourself. Remember, our theme is: How We Express Ourselves So, […]

What’s the Big Idea?

Tonight’s home learning is simple, yet very important. What is the big idea you want to inquire into during the Exhibition? What makes you say that? Write your thoughts in the comments below. As we talked today about the purpose and essential features of the Exhibition, you know that you need to: engage in an in-depth, collaborative […]

What Are You Wondering?

For the next several weeks, let’s wonder. What are things you’ve always had questions about? Check out Wonderopolis and do some wonderings in your journal. Here are the pages for this week: 3 Wonders I’ve Explored Favorite Wonder and Reason My wonderings Information I’ve already figured out. Enjoy! Keep wondering!  

Typhoon Day Home Learning

Tomorrow is a typhoon day! (again) Stay safe, dry and indoors when the winds hit. If you are looking for something to do, here are some ideas: You can do some Live Mathletics. I’ve taken off the tasks so you can play Live Mathletics. Try it and get your number speed up to par! Practice […]

Our Geniuses: Home Learning in 5B

Students can be geniuses. And they can be passionate. And they can step outside their normal boundaries and do something pretty incredible. Everyday, we are reminded what talented, amazing students we have, and giving them some choice in their learning helps bring that out. For home learning this year, students are starting out by choosing […]