World Read Aloud Day

What a fun day filled with read alouds from so many people. This morning, we started with some silent reading. We then moved on to some World Maths Day activities and then back to reading with David’s mom, Ms. Denkert. She read to the class in Swedish, which was a good experience for all of […]

Reading: Picking Up Steam

Morning Reading Time: Walk into our classroom most mornings, and you’ll find the students doing this. They’re immersed in their chapter books, ranging from the silly to the serious. The room is quiet and engaged. Peaceful. Most of the students love reading, and they have time to read at school. Giving students time to read […]

Travel Reviews on Trip Advisor

This year, after our great holiday break, we decided to do something a little different in grade 5. During holidays, we often use to help us figure out hotels, restaurants, etc…for our vacation. Students had just come back from some interesting places, so we decided why not? Students wrote a travel review of a place […]

Read Along and Enjoy

This week, we’re trying out some audiobooks on a site called Tumble Book Cloud. There are books ranging from graphic novels to classics. For homework this week, students chose a book to which they could “read along.” The books work on laptops but not iPads and iPhones, unfortunately. Students know the YIS username and password, […]

Literature Circles and Fantastic Lit. Resources

Literature Circles/Book Club: Imagine cozy corners of students talking about books. They’re asking questions about characters and ideas. They’re wondering what others are feeling. Without thinking much about it, they’re practicing what strong readers do–questioning as they read and connecting to the text. We started the year with several versions of books about Louis Braille. […]


Do you ever Wonder what it would be like to look so completely different from everyone else that it would be hard to fit in? Our first read aloud , Wonder by R.J. Palacio, centers around Auggie, a 10-year old child with a facial deformity. He has been schooled at home and is entering school […]

Literature Circles Begin: Back in the Swing

We’re back in the swing again after a great holiday break. We’ve started talk of a new unit on peace and conflict and will begin more in earnest next week on this. In Mathematics, we’ve begun talking about probability and percentages and will combine this will data handling and graphing. Students are finishing up their […]