Our day in 5B

Just a bit of our day today in 5B. Construction has begun on the students’ teapot boxes after doing some very calculated measurements and scaling. Cardboard and paint everywhere. We also had some more Hawaiian tea, followed by cupcakes for Haikal’s birthday. Exhibition continues with more work on speeches. We settled into some more of […]

Some Serious Math Inquiry

This week we continued investigating shape and measurement with our teapot project. We investigated perimeter and area by thinking about objects in the classroom and then measuring their surfaces for perimeter. We then talked about area and what that represented in a 2-D shape and measured area of those classroom surfaces. Students began to understand […]

Morning Tea

The teapot for our teapot project arrived yesterday, and we opened up the package. Inside was a beautiful spam musubi box, covered completely with rice and a homemade pink pillow on top. Inside was the teapot and some lovely Hawaiian tea. It’s the same teapot we will send along to Canada once we are finished […]

Thinking Through Math

For about 2 1/2 hours this week, students thought through a complex Math problem called “The Locker Problem.” The problem relates to numbers: factors, multiples, squares and primes but there’s no easy answers. In groups, students went through the process of solving a big problem. They tried different strategies; they worked collaboratively. They found patterns, […]

Choice or Chance

During our Sharing the Planet unit, in Mathematics, we’ve been looking at probability. What are the chance of things happening? What is the probability? What choices do we make based on chance? Are we risk takers? Talk with your parents about what you’ve been learning in Math. Ask them about what choices they make based […]

UK Maths Challenge

Last month, three 5B students and four other grade 5 students took the UK Maths challenge. The UK Maths challenge is a problem solving test given to students in the UK and around the world. YIS Grade 6 and grade 7 students all take the mathematics test, and it is an option for grade 5. […]