What Did We Learn?

What did we learn about conflict? As we come to the end of our study about conflict and solutions, what did you learn? Here are some questions for you. You can think about what you learned through your own question and inquiry or what your learned from others. You also can think about discussions we […]

Hamagin Science Center Part 2

Today, we explored some discoveries the students made yesterday at Hamagin. Suddenly, their play has turned to Bernouilli’s Principle, Newton and gravity, plasma TV screens, the history of transportation. Completely absorbed, they planned, researched and are beginning movies, posters and keynotes on their discoveries. The final projects are still to come, but for now, here […]

This week in 5B

Another great week in 5B. This week, we had our first field trip to the Hamagin Science Center in Yokohama. As part of our unit, “Where we are in place in time,” students explored discoveries and inventions at the science center. They played, explored and questioned and were probably exhausted by the time they got […]