Who We Are

During a previous unit, students shared thoughts about who they are, where their home is, where they come from and what makes them the person they are. Their thoughts are fascinating, and it shows what a diverse group of students we have. Listen in. These are their lives today. Who We Are from YIS Academics […]

Who We Are Presentations

Today we heard another two presentations about identity. Today’s discussions were about religion and identity and beliefs and identity. From the Loch Ness monster to Islam, students presented what they learned about beliefs and religion. If you presented these ideas, how do you think your presentation went? In the comments, answer the following: Based on […]

Who Are We?

Today students started presenting what they learned about Who We Are. Today’s groups talked about how skin color and your personality help shape your identity. If you presented these ideas, how do you think your presentation went? In the comments, answer the following: Based on your research, what is something that you connected with (you […]

All About Inquiry

As part of our unit on Sharing the Planet, students have been inquiring into how conflict affects lives. They brainstormed questions, categorized them and then chose the most important question to them. Then, they started researching. Researching is challenging, the students realized. First, they tried a survey, sent it out electronically and then correlated results–all […]

Choice or Chance

During our Sharing the Planet unit, in Mathematics, we’ve been looking at probability. What are the chance of things happening? What is the probability? What choices do we make based on chance? Are we risk takers? Talk with your parents about what you’ve been learning in Math. Ask them about what choices they make based […]

Unfairness in PE

Today, with the start to our unit on Sharing the Planet, students experienced some disturbing PE time. As part of a provocation to get students to start thinking about conflict and what leads to it, nice Ms. Buehler set up a situation in PE that most students believe was completely unfair. Ask your students about […]

Sharing the Planet

We begin our unit today about conflict. Conflict exists and affects our lives. Today we brainstormed questions about conflict and there are more activities to follow that might bring up conflict. How can all 7 billion+ of us on the planet share this planet. Here’s an interesting video for you. They captured voices from around […]

Effective Action

The PET water bottle sales, now ice cream sales, has taught all of us some lessons. This is a story with a really nice ending. What started as 5B’s outrage against a group selling water bottles, in our land of too much plastic and good fresh water, has now turned into some great life lessons. […]

Who Says We Can’t Change the World

5B are feisty and determined, and this week they showed it as they took to protesting water bottle sales at our school. A group of grade 10 students chose to sell water bottles as their Business Studies project, and 5B didn’t like it. In December, students made a presentation to the Business Studies class about […]