Grade 5 Camp

What a great time we had at grade 5 camp! Everyone should be well-recovered by now. From zip lining to meditating, we had a great time. Our cabins were nestled in the woods, surrounded by owls that hooted and frogs that sang. There was frisbee golf, plenty of places to play, good food and a […]

Questions about Equity and Natural Resources

These past few weeks, we have been discussing natural resources in 5B. What are they? Who has them? Why are natural resources so important? How do they affect us? Our most recent inquiry was into countries and their natural resources. Students chose two countries: one they thought was rich and another one poor, and they […]

The Fishing Industry

Today students watched another perspective about fishing and had a lot of comments. Why? Really? Hoping they comment below. We discussed how fish is so important to Japan and other countries. Like any natural resource, though, we’re learning that there are two sides of the issue. This National Geographic movie tells another story. What do […]

The Computer’s Innerds

This week, one of our IT people, Aaron, came in to show students what makes up a computer. We’ve been studying natural resources during our unit on “How We Organize Ourselves,” and we started off the unit by thinking about where our “stuff” comes from. Students, fascinated by the computer, wrote down that a computer […]

Stuff and Happiness

As a preview into our final unit on “How We Organize Ourselves,” students looked at an interesting series of photos about the stuff we possess in this world. Students questioned the disparity and thought about happiness. What makes people happy? We’re leading into a unit on natural resources and happiness. Already students have ideas about […]