Shaping up with Shapes

Over these last few weeks, students have been playing with, discussing and making shapes. They’ve learned to discuss shape properties using geometric language and put together their learning in a presentation. Shapes demand some hands-on play, and students have made 3-D shapes using nets, blocks and sticks and clay. They’ve also put together a presentation of […]

Camp Reflections

Joshua finished his camp reflection with an iMovie. It’s great to see how students can now independently create iMovies, using the new, complex iMovie. It’s also nice to keep seeing the camp days flash by again. Here’s Joshua’s: G4 Camp from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Reflections on Loser

Today we finished reading our read aloud titled Loser, by Jerry Spinelli. It’s about a boy who grows up and struggles to find his place in the world. However, he’s also a really happy kid who is funny. What did everyone think? What rating would you give the book (1-5 stars). What makes you say that? […]

Reflecting on How We Change

How do we change? As students continue their inquiry into how people’s bodies change and how this affects mental and physical states, they observed ELC and HS this week. Students acted as scientists, with their fine observation glasses on. Sitting on the side, students watched the ELC kids at play. They noticed things about how […]

Exploring Who We Are

Students have been digging into Who We Are and how people change and develop. As part of our inquiry, we are acting as social scientists and observing human behavior. On Wednesday, students interviewed their 2nd grade buddies about how and what they play, how they solve conflicts and about favorites. Today, students got a chance […]