Free Time in School

Today in our class meeting, I had no plans and asked students if they had anything they wanted to share. After a funny conversation about how to teleport to Japanese class, one of my students brought up the very serious issue of free time. It started with a whine: The other class gets free time […]

Favorite Moments of the Week

Just a collection of photos of favorite moments from the week. I asked my students today in our class meeting for their favorite things this week–in and out of school. Their thoughts echo mine. It’s always those special things we do that make learning in a PYP school so balanced. This is what they all […]

Genius/Passion Hour Part I

This week it unfolded. Passion…geniuses…or a combination of both? We kicked off our IBPYP Exhibition these last few weeks in grade 5 at Yokohama International School. Our idea is to have the kids explore their passions and interests  under the theme of “How We Express Ourselves.”  Passions and beliefs lead to further inquiry and stimulate […]

Reflections on Learning

I attended a conference in Beijing recently called Learning 2.012. It was a technology conference, focused on the future of learning. I thought I might only learn new tools I could use in my classroom. However, I came out with a lot more. Here’s a collection of quotes that stuck with me. Quotes from Jim […]

Keep playing…

There’s something so satisfying about watching kids play. As my 5th graders near the end of their elementary years, I wanted them to leave with a sense of play. Actually, the conversation started with a colleague who teaches kindergarten. We were both inside with my students during a rainy day. Her comment: “They don’t know […]