Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition is all the rage at our school at the moment. Morning, afternoon and night…We are breathing Exhibition. Students are busy interviewing guest speakers, conducting surveys, watching videos, working with their facilitators, sharing knowledge. It’s exciting. It’s buzzing. Exhilarating. Exhausting. It’s not fair to use the expression: separating the wheat from the chaff…but Exhibition […]

Saturday School: PYP Exhibition

It’s Saturday, and I’m at home enjoying some cinnamon tea, enjoying a leisurely day. I’m planning on doing some baking later and cooking up some good vegetables. My daughter has disappeared into her room for some creative play and then has laid out some materials for painting. It’s quiet and cool inside and relaxing. Meanwhile, […]

Free Time in School

Today in our class meeting, I had no plans and asked students if they had anything they wanted to share. After a funny conversation about how to teleport to Japanese class, one of my students brought up the very serious issue of free time. It started with a whine: The other class gets free time […]

PYP Exhibition: Student Reflection

As we draw nearer to our final presentation of the PYP Exhibition, I’ve been reflecting on our process. Students have done a good job. They’ve been dedicated, engaged, serious (for the most part) about this complex task we’ve all embarked upon. Mostly, they’ve reflected. Today, we talked about the thinking skills they had acquired. Metacognition […]