A “Wonder”ful Read aloud

For the 4th year, I’ve started the year reading aloud Wonder, by R.J.Palacio to my 4th and 5th graders, and the reaction from students in two different countries, a world away, was exactly the same. They love it. They don’t want it to end. There’s something magical about August Pullman, the protagonist of Wonder, that draws the […]

Newsela and Home Learning

Newsela…What is it? We started News Circles last week instead of Literature Circles. Using a site called Newsela, students meet in groups to discuss the news article. They choose an article on Thursday and read the article for the following Tuesday. In addition, they come up with questions to ask their group, find vocabulary and […]

Reading Thoughts

“Trust the books and get out of their way so they can teach.” ~Alan Purves I’ve been delving into reading lately. From our all-school reading focus this year to my PYP weekend workshop on reading and writing through inquiry, I’m immersed in reading. My students are back to reading every morning after a short hiatus […]