Documenting Learning: Do We Need Traditional Reports?

Edna at What Ed Said, I’m writing back to you. Edna wrote a piece recently that hit home right away. Titled Instant Communication and Twice-Yearly Report Cards, she wrote about the need for traditional report cards. As someone in the middle of one of those twice-yearly reports, I couldn’t agree with Edna more. Shouldn’t we re-evaluate the need […]

The Power of a PLN

Jason Graham, a teacher in Indonesia, made this video about #pypchat, a really important community of teacher-learners around the world. The video has been out for a while, but I’m really honored and excited every day to be part of this great community, having great pedagogical discussions online. It’s honestly the best PD that continues […]

Who We Are

During a previous unit, students shared thoughts about who they are, where their home is, where they come from and what makes them the person they are. Their thoughts are fascinating, and it shows what a diverse group of students we have. Listen in. These are their lives today. Who We Are from YIS Academics […]

Free Time in School

Today in our class meeting, I had no plans and asked students if they had anything they wanted to share. After a funny conversation about how to teleport to Japanese class, one of my students brought up the very serious issue of free time. It started with a whine: The other class gets free time […]

Teapot Project: Take 2, Part 1

Several years ago, we began a teapot project. Created in collaboration with teachers from China and YIS in Japan, the idea took off and has been running the last several years. The teapot has traveled from Japan to the US to Indonesia and then back to the US. What it involves is willing teachers, upper […]