Inquiry and New Teachers

Have you ever felt a blog post coming on? That’s what often happens, and here it goes. I’ve been busy and really should just be doing other things, but the blog post, it just comes on…and here it is. I read Kath Murdoch’s post on inquiry and her questioning a statement by Visible Thinking that […]

Planning Conceptually

Dear blog…it’s been a while. New school. New country. New life to settle into. New job. I’ve started as a PYP coordinator and have jumped headfirst into the challenges in opening a new campus with new teachers and starting everyone on the road to authorization. One thing that’s helped in the transition is the support […]

The Power to Say No

How often do you say no at an educational institution? This isn’t about the power of positive thinking and offering encouraging words to students. It’s about saying “No” to things that get in the way of learning. Over the years, I’ve honed in with students on learning. What is it? How do they do it? […]

Independence and the PYP

It’s a new school year, and our family is in a new school. After being comfortable in our previous school for 6 years, we decided it was time to shake it up. From Japan to Bangladesh, here we are. We expected the country to be different, and it is…completely. There’s a separate blog coming out all […]

Day Two of the Water Bottle Protest

Day Two of the PET Water Bottle Protest. Here’s how it unfolds. 8:45 a.m.: Recap of yesterday’s protest. Students immediately all speaking at once. Once calm, I ask who wants to do it today. More hands shoot up. 8 of them want to go out today at recess. 9:45: Prepare more signs for water bottle protest. We […]