Less Quiet. More Talk

A nice follow up to my last blog post. Thank you @Neil_M_I on Twitter for bringing this to my attention. These kids say it better than any of us can do about how we want children to be loud and to have voices. And they need to hear us speak with compassion and vocabulary that grows their […]

A “Wonder”ful Read aloud

For the 4th year, I’ve started the year reading aloud Wonder, by R.J.Palacio to my 4th and 5th graders, and the reaction from students in two different countries, a world away, was exactly the same. They love it. They don’t want it to end. There’s something magical about August Pullman, the protagonist of Wonder, that draws the […]

Stop, Pause, Inquire

Just recently, I’ve had to stop and pause in our mad rush to get everything done: the rush to bring the students up to speed in their conceptual math understanding; to read with passion, to engage in our calming, writers’ workshop flow and to kick off our new unit. But stop and pause…There’s some authentic […]

End of Year Reflection

Our principal asked us to reflect at the end of the year, which I thought was a great thing. Of course, I think we should be reflecting all of the time as teachers, but as a wrap-up, it’s nice to put it in writing. Here goes: What have I learned this year: Through a lot […]

My Kids Suck at Inquiry

Someone mentioned this and the other day, and I laughed, along with others, because it feels true so much of the time. However, on reflection, is it the kids that suck at inquiry or should we be turning the lens back on ourselves? We know that kids are natural born inquirers. Proven fact. They eat […]