PYP Exhibition: Student Reflection

As we draw nearer to our final presentation of the PYP Exhibition, I’ve been reflecting on our process. Students have done a good job. They’ve been dedicated, engaged, serious (for the most part) about this complex task we’ve all embarked upon. Mostly, they’ve reflected. Today, we talked about the thinking skills they had acquired. Metacognition […]

Teapot Project: Take 2, Part 1

Several years ago, we began a teapot project. Created in collaboration with teachers from China and YIS in Japan, the idea took off and has been running the last several years. The teapot has traveled from Japan to the US to Indonesia and then back to the US. What it involves is willing teachers, upper […]

PYP Exhibition: Organization and the Weekly Checklist

How much help do we give students during Exhibition? The big question. After 5 years of facilitating the Exhibition, my answer is…quite a bit. The Exhibition, designed for a student who has been involved in the PYP for many years, with a sound fluency in English, is challenging on so many levels. It’s exciting, engaging, […]

Exhibition Part II: Digging Deeper with Parents

As we continue our journey into the PYP Exhibition, we are venturing into some bigger issues. As our central idea is all about how our passions inspire and sustain our learning, we’ve been wondering how to branch out into bigger ideas. As the Exhibition guidelines state, students need to investigate an issue of significant importance. […]